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Nalpeiron Support Center: Last Updated: Sep 09, 2013
Working closely with InstallAware we have produced a simple and easy to use way to install both your applications and also the core Services required to operate the Nalpeiron Licensing Service.

InstallAware Software, founded in 2003 by InstallShield alumni, is a software development company focused solely on state of the art software installation tools that offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations.

These easy to use scripts (application runtimes) work with InstallAware version 10 and make the complexities of service updating, installation and operation a breeze.

To make things even better Nalpeiron Clients get a special 10% discount!

First go to the InstallAware website and sign up for a trial account, then download their V10 Installer that matches your Company's needs for an installer.

Then visit the Customer Center and Download the add-on Installer for the Nalpeiron application runtime "InstallAware_10_nalpeiron.exe" and install this after you have installed the InstallAware program. [login]

After installing this pack on top of InstallAware 10, the Application Runtime view will display new items for Nalpeiron.

Selecting the correct service, either for the node locked x86/x64 or the network version, will select the appropriate scripts and add them to your installer automatically.

Service Exe Service Name Display Name Service Description nalserv.exe nalserv Nalpeiron Control Service Network locked Service nlssrv32.exe nlsX86cc Nalpeiron Licensing Service Node locked Service

Checking this item will cleanly install the required service, respecting the correct versioning, will never remove the service, and will also start the Windows event viewer (and not continue with setup until this phase has been completed successfully).

It will also stop and delete an old version of the service, and start the new version of the service as part of the installation. This application runtime offers you a truly one-click way to install the Nalpeiron Windows service, on both 32 and 64 bit platforms, using InstallAware.

NOTE: ALWAYS keep the service you use for this installer up to date by visiting the customer center and downloading the correct service version for your use, then placing this service into the correct folder for InstallAware to use e.g Program Files (x86)\InstallAware\InstallAware 10\runtimes (the folder will be the one you chose to install the program on your machine, in this case it's program files). The node locked service nlssrv32.exe is placed into: nalpeiron2 and the network service is placed into: nalpeironnet2

Once you are ready to buy an installer from InstallAware you can do so and then apply the 10% discount coupon for Nalpeiron users by using the coupon name: "NALPEIRON" at checkout.


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